Pain-Free Joints (download)

Pain-Free Joints (Download)


Cain Carroll’s comprehensive self-healing program for optimal joint health


Product Description

Pain Free Joints (Instant Video Download)
with Cain Carroll

Join health and fitness expert, Cain Carroll, in this integrative program that blends the best of Yoga and Qigong to help relieve pain and promote total healing of your body’s joints. Learn how to regain ease of movement, restore fluid range of motion, reduce the effects of arthritis, and slow the aging process. This powerful 70 min. program is comprised of four components: movement, posture, diet, and meditation. These are the essential ingredients necessary to transform the health of your joints.

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“For anyone seeking to restore and maintain optimal joint health, Cain Carroll’s comprehensive program is an invaluable resource. I can personally attest to the power of these joint exercises. I recommend this DVD with full confidence!”

Dr. Eric Udell, Medical Director, Arizona Natural Health Center

Highlights of Pain-Free Joints

  • Two Gentle Routines: The Tune Up (15 min.) and complete Joint Healing Set (40 min.) are easy to follow with powerful results
  • Posture & Body Mechanics: Tips on how to reduce wear and tear on your joints, tendons, and ligaments during daily activities like walking, standing, sitting, and laying down
  • Diet & Joint Health: Learn about the important connection between digestion, elimination, and joint health; which foods support optimal joint health, and which ones complicate joint problems
  • Healing Soundtrack: Music by Benjy Wertheimer, Michael Mandrell, and Shantala transports you to mystical Celtic landscapes and the enchanting lands of the East


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