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Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain (DVD)


Cain Carroll’s comprehensive self healing program for neck and shoulder pain

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Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain (DVD)
with Cain Carroll

Rooted in the time-tested practices of Yoga and Qigong, this unique program is based in over twenty years of research in therapeutic movement and self-healing modalities.

In this DVD you will learn how to heal your own neck and shoulder pain naturally, using gentle restorative exercises, breathing techniques, self-massage, and important adjustments to your everyday posture and body mechanics that will reduce repetitive stress and relieve chronic tension.

In an easy to use format, this program empowers you with a deeper understanding of your own body, and the techniques you will need to reclaim and maintain the health of your neck and shoulders.

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“Neck and shoulder pain are often the result of chronic tension, repetitive stress, and improper breathing. This DVD presents a complete program for naturally relieving neck and shoulder pain by addressing these common causes. I recommend Cain Carroll’s program to anyone seeking to alleviate pain of the neck and shoulders while regaining optimal health.”

– Dr. Eric Udell, Medical Director, Arizona Natural Health Center

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“Personally, I have experienced tremendous freedom and release in my shoulders and upper back since beginning this series.”

– Laraine Herring, author of Writing Begins With the Breath and The Writing Warrior

Highlights of Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain

  • Two Gentle Movement Routines (20 min each): The Mobility Set helps restore pain-free range of motion, while the Fluidity Set rebuilds functional strength and integrity of your neck and shoulders. Routines are easy to follow, and yield powerful results.
  • Posture & Body Mechanics: Important tips on how to support your neck and shoulders while driving, working on a computer, lifting, and sleeping
  • Tips for Frozen Shoulder: Two secrets to unlocking frozen shoulder
  • Healing Soundtrack: Music by Benjy Wertheimer, Michael Mandrell, and Shantala transports you to mystical Celtic landscapes and the enchanting lands of the East

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